Economic and Social Implementations for the Post Adam Smith World 

- Engineering solutions for positive results on the other side of coming social and economic changes -
by Richard Pearlman

Good Administrators - Where are they?

The budget fight in Washington provides a perfect example of how warriors and intellectuals operate. Even if you told them what they are doing, they will continue in their normal manner. This allows you to talk to them about their attitudes being different than yours, for instance, and they won’t be able to debate you in anything but their expected manner which you have anticipated.


  1. Warriors are not good warriors unless they confront evil – like a budget deficit.
  2. Warriors must fight the “good” fight, although rarely resulting in winning - as in Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq, etc. Winning is better: look at the focus 70 years later with winning WW II.
  3. Warriors are not administrators and when they try to be they are terrible. It’s great to have a balanced budget, yet warriors tend to spend like drunken sailors.
  4. Warriors do not see the long term consequences of their actions nor are able to produce plans to ameliorate the long term consequences. Warriors cannot, due to the needs of the battle, think about strategic issues. Warriors only get respect for fighting hard.
  5. Warriors, particularly when fighting, believe losers were made so winners could win. That’s why they like to distribute health care to those that can afford it: the rest are just losers and that’s what they deserve.
  6. One of the warrior Tea Party representatives said: “I can go back to my people without all the cuts if I can defund Planned Parenthood”; He’s showing he fought the good fight and that’s all that’s necessary to make him a hero.
  7. Fighting the good fight is not enough for intellectuals. In fact, they don’t like to fight at all: they prefer control and profit through cooperation.
  8. Neither side has along-range plan as to what to do. No one seems to discuss economic effects and how to ramp down the dependence on government spending – it’s the only game in town since manufacturing left our shores – and ramp up the jobs in manufacturing. In other words, no one seems capable of an industrial policy.

So watch the arguing on both sides and you’ll see are not even discussing the real issues (I’d like to know what YOU think are the real issues). They don’t even know how to look at the real issues. That’s why you can use these points in a campaign: People really do want people in charge to do a good, trustworthy job; then they can go back to their lives.

You’ll find almost everything on TV and in print confirming and expanding upon the above list, not that hard when you begin to see the warriors and intellectuals as two sides to a coin, not as people who don’t understand and need converting to the righteous way: they really are different and should be addressed in their own perception of life.