Economic and Social Implementations for the Post Adam Smith World 

- Engineering solutions for positive results on the other side of coming social and economic changes -
by Richard Pearlman

The Danger Zone

When the Government is the Only Game in Town

By moving manufacturing offshore the government is the only place left with money. All efforts to increase incomes center on government cash flow rather than building the pie larger.

American expertise now emphasizes finding loopholes in laws to attract wealth their way.

Nothing is going to change until manufacturing is at least as important as government cash flow.

Industrial Policy

by Richard the Engineer written from 2010 to today

The Current U.S. Industrial Policy

Those people saying we don’t have an industrial policy are too inside the forest to see any relationship between the forest and the world. Clearly exemplified by the “short-term managerial reward system” we have seen the transformation of American business from entrepreneurial capitalism to accounting centered capitalism. This industrial policy of allowing the financial people to play at business is obviously not suited for long-term prosperity.

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Good Administrators - Where are they?

The budget fight in Washington provides a perfect example of how warriors and intellectuals operate. Even if you told them what they are doing, they will continue in their normal manner. This allows you to talk to them about their attitudes being different than yours, for instance, and they won’t be able to debate you in anything but their expected manner which you have anticipated.

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Gas Guzzles Consumer Spending

By Richard the Engineer - in response to the continually increasing fuel costs in 2014

Desperation sells: automobile gasoline, so much a part of modern life centered on driving, that increases in gas prices directly result in lowered consumption in other areas. A favorite topic for TV news, let's take a closer look at why, in today's economy, with most consumers tapped out, increases in transportation costs can lead to a recession - or worse.

And, yes, I am frightened which is not good. Onward →

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