Increasing Worker Productivity Through Required National Service

American made products mean consumers have money

ne of the most important and long-lasting effects of WWII resulted from the new experiences of the draftees/enlistees in new geographic locations and the intermingling of people from everywhere and from every background.

Many of our current problems could be mitigated through the same experiences.

Just four of the most important results:

  1. Ending the isolation of the coastal intellectuals from the working-class mid-Americans 
  2. Skills training at low cost
  3. Place for returning soldiers to ease into civilian life
  4. Care of the elderly and handicapped.

Everyone will be drafted for 2 years with evey 6 months a transfer to a new location. Although they may be in the same skills program, everyone will have new experiences.

Uses old or current military bases in general or newly created bases for things like forest work. Nothing wrong about living in a barracks for a couple of years: everyone is equal in a barracks. If the inhabitantws wnat, they could make a really nice place to live: talk about learning skills.

Probably everyone will look back and say these two years were the most fun time they every experienced.

And our country could afford this low-cost program.