Economic and Social Implementations for the Post Adam Smith World 

- Engineering solutions for positive results on the other side of coming social and economic changes -
by Richard Pearlman

Shop Floor Exercises

Working on a shop floor probably requires more physical fitness than people recognize.

For years I have been working on a set of exercises for golf. Basically a very basic stretching and moderate strength building, my thinking is this exercise program is perfect - or just merely very good - for anyone wanting to work with physical items. Many movements in manufacturing are very Tai Chi in manner and the "Good Looking Golf" exercises provide the muscle control for good manufacturing processes.

And, due to the fact I don't like crawling around on the floor, all the exercises are done standing. This means the exercises can be done at a work station in 10 minutes. 10 minutes a day, say just before lunch, could increase productivity with fewer mistakes.

Richard the Engineer


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