American Health Care

American Health Care – how it should work

  • Retired? You’ll probably vote for national health care.
  • Small business: you will be voting for national health care
  • Teacher/municipal worker? Your benefits cannot be better than the people paying the taxes: sorry.
  • Conservatives wanting to lower the percentage of taxes for health care? National health care may be your only hope.
  • People making their affliction so very, very pathetic? They will hate national health care.
  • A goal: what are we looking for and what are the limits
  • Who decides? We’re talking old/young, poor/wealthy, contest/cooperation, do-gooders/parsimonious. And, of course, the old favorite: religious vs. individual decision.
  • We spend more than enough to maintain very high quality health care – see below for factors


  • The issues between the older and younger doctors clearly show that the current health delivery system just doesn’t work. Young doctors now finish school with so much debt they find it difficult, not only to buy a practice from a retiring doctor, but moreover, the debt is crushing at the point in their lives where starting a family is important. This is not good for doctors or their patients.
  • The insurance industry is taking advantage of our doctors due to the doctors really caring about being a good doctor. Just because doctors care about what they do – so do others like nurses and so many more – we take advantage of them form the big unnecessary loans to what we do during the intern process to making a private practice a thing of their grandfathers’. And their grandfathers cannot find anyone to buy their practices as they retire. How could what we do to doctors be good for us, the patients?
  • Things are not working for many reasons and I can only hope I have covered enough to see what should be done.

Enough money for everything

  • Too many people make more than middle class wages
    • By definition (either by average or by median) half of the citizenry are below the point.
    • If most of the health workers and misc. people make more than the middle income point health care for the lower half must be subsidized
    • Some unions must recognize their pay scales are above the middle point and political influence cannot be allowed to change this fact.
    • Everyone uses threats to get their money from the government
    • I have yet to see a group, even the teachers, who are above using threats to make their sale.
    • The more pathetic you can show your case the better the TV media will love you. Unfortunately, it’s not a good way to make decisions with limited resources.
  • The pharmaceuticals make you think you are constantly at the mercy of some disease that if you don’t act immediately… Most likely your doctor wouldn’t be the biggest drug pusher out there if we didn’t live in a bombardment of drugs.
  • Biggest problem – unemployment of useless people
    • Every other country in the world has at most 10% of the population involved in health care. The U.S. maintains a very healthy 16%.
    • To make health care affordable the extra 6% has to go
    • What do we do with all these people, who never before needed to make a real contribution to society? What skills do they have for manufacturing? What do we do with the lawyers who make that great living off our health insurance costs? What do we do with the fancy corner offices no longer necessary?
    • You just cannot pull the plug and wish them good luck: this is 6% of the population. Better check our industrial policy for decent jobs.

Health care provider education

  • I’m not sure who said it’s the doctors who pay the loans for their education. Unless the doctors have 2nd jobs to pay back the loans, it pretty much comes out of my health costs. If we make medical schools free:
    • It removes a rock of no value the doctors would have to push away
    • Doctors and nurses know who a real doctor is and I hate the thought of someone being a doctor for the money. There are people out there, thank goodness, who really like being doctors.
    • The amount of interest is staggering on school loans and should be complete avoided to save, save, save
  • Interns should not be free labor to hospitals
    • Taking advantage of doctors due to they like what they do
    • Long hours make for bad doctors – these people need to start their lives while interns, not after

Doctors' jobs

  • Standard offices
  • Mommy tracks: part-time work for home visits
  • Research
  • Equipment made available at reasonable prices
  • More general practitioners
  • Call centers
  • Most on salary - a decent upper middle class existence

Health insurance

  • A set compensation for malpractice
  • Buy for yourself health insurance like life insurance if you think you are worth more
  • Any lawsuits are between buyer and insurance company
  • Impossible for all doctors to be perfect – review of quality is continuous

National health care

  • Why it is cheaper
    • Nothing could be more expensive than now
    • Cohesion and cooperation are less expensive and better
    • The Veterans Administration system is the lowest cost provider
  • Some control over system through elected representatives rather than the health insurance companies in control
    • Health insurance is essentially a tax as you cannot hire good people without the benefit
    • Current system is taxation without representation
  • No salespeople/no commissions: We’re spending 5% sales commissions to people who do not deliver health
  • Health information hotlines with people on salary
  • Sign up on line – it’s better than a salesperson interface
  • No snail-mail – too expensive
  • Health run by healthcare givers – have to be trustable, not confrontational
  • Brings back home visits – doctors’ jobs above


  • Big companies maintain rigid, bureaucratic research departments producing nothing researching drugs that make money, not health
  • Research should be done at NIH and universities without patents within the U.S. and reasonable royalties for foreign use
  • No prescription drug advertising to public, including TV and radio

Equipment and technology

  • Patents much shorter terms to lower costs to patients
  • Improvements are faster without patents


We, the patients, have no responsibility to make excessive profits for any company, anywhere

  • Current system is more of a game about who wins, not who lives better
  • The voter has no responsibility to keep the same idiots who have made the health system untenable in power. I say: “Go get a job.”

Corporations have no pity on the people who cannot afford health care

  • Stupid decisions of executives do not affect the executives
  • Drug costs are not related to patients but to profits.