Recommended reading: Marc Levinson's "An Extraordinary Time - The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy" or my title: Why leaders try variations of the same thing and wonder why it fails every time. Link to Barnes and Nobel book store.

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Time Frame

Reindustrialization Time Frame

Sending industry overseas took a good 40+ years. Bringing it back will not happen in 5 years.

Underlying preparation seemsto have gone as far as finding new sources of energy. Our distribution hubs are geared to handling imports, not local manufacturing. Education is wrapped around software and going to college learning things not useful to manufacturing. Commutting still requires expensive cars.

Just over overcoming the government being the only souce of income for many parts of the country is going to take years. 

Should this long-term thinking be a problem for a country expecting immediate satisfaction? Probably.