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Engineering solutions for coming out on the other side of coming social and financial changes

by me, Richard Pearlman

Economic Renormalization Required by industrialization

Reindustrializing America requires renormalization from the minimum wage earner to the top 0.1% of wealth. In every case life wil improve, whatever that means to the economic strata.

Renormalization is:

  • Not a one year process
  • Requires extensive planning 
  • Conversion from a feudalistic economy to a capitalistic economy
    • Redistribution of inherited wealth to new entrepreneurs
    • Winners are not determinedby how much wealth is accumulated
    • Winners are determined by how many jobs are created and maintained or how much wealth is created
  • Uses merchantalism to determine best use of societal wealth
    • Infrastructure creation and maintenance
    • Best use of entrepreneurs in fulfilling the needs of society
    • Using wealth created through automation to be redistributed to emloyment in services
    • National goals fulfilled then global goals
  • Adjusting incomes for 
    • Minimum wages for being able to purchase internal manufacturing
    • Private employment equalized to public employment
    • Services provided by skills such as lawyers and doctors
    • Regulating incomes based on self-serving corporate structures