Eliminating Corporate Taxes Through Dividends

Corporate taxes exist simply due to profits and corporate investments being controlled by the board and the corp. executives; shareowners are prevented from decision making.

If all profits were dispursed to the real owners of the corporation, the shareholders, taxation of corporate profits would be on an individual level. Instead, corporate wealth's uses become a game for the executives running the business. And as playing with other peoples' money is more fun than risking your own, corporations rarely consider the desires of shareholders who are skillfully eliminated as any sort of input.

Renormaliztion should require exec's asking shareholders where the profits would be best spent: investing in new technologies, buying other corporations, or just holding the money to wait for a better tax advantage ( curently the most popular of all alternatives). 

Growing bigger through mergers is in many ways a display of corporate incompetence. What is the best way for shareholders to be the controlling force so we can eliminate corporation taxes?