Recommended reading: Marc Levinson's "An Extraordinary Time - The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy" or my title: Why leaders try variations of the same thing and wonder why it fails every time. Link to Barnes and Nobel book store.

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Empty Malls Mean Empty Pockets

The closing of many malls once exceedingly popular coincides with the rise of Chinese (and other offshore) manufacturing. No matter how cheap the products at Walmart, the real cost is the closing of the malls. The many people whose youth, in the 1980's and 1990's, was lived at the malls cannot find work paying enough to buy goods at malls. Although the internet has taken sales away, the malls served a social purpose the internet cannot.

Societal Cube

If feudalism produces the greatest physical wealth for the overall society doesn't mean the greatest wealth from other views of the societal cube. It's only one of 6 views into the cube. A good business uses all 6 views to see if the business is healthy. It's funny how government gets disconnected from business concepts. Actually it's not funny as government can be manipulated much easier than a good business to the internal interests of the wealthy and/or the voters.
I plan to use the concept of "saving capitalism" to show the other views of the cube and make them part of the morals of an economic society. It's all part of my plot to retire in a pleasant societal condition. I'm just as selfish as anyone else so I guess I want everyone else to do it my way. (Did I just quote Frank Sinatra?)

No one has the ability to dissipate wealth like the wealthy

Centralizing wealth in the wealthy class dissipates wealth faster and better - and by far the most - than any other economic strata can even aspire.

Adam Smith said, very plainly, never start anything without demand. Of course, the wealthy never listen to Adam Smith and will start anything without regard to long-term wealth which means eventually the wealth must disappear until the middle class is more even and posses purchasing power.

We'll look at how the wealthy accumulate their wealth and why it must, yes must, disappear. Basically, the wealthy are terrible investors and their children are not worth the money they inherit. 

And we'll examine why this accumulation drives economic cycles up and down.

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Poor with integrity

Increases in population changes the way the classes are separated. Enough young and talented youth in the Milennium generation to fill the best paying jobs to segment the middle class in areas not seen in several centuries.

The lower half of the economic society either have to receive subsidies or wages enabling a modest yet adequate income to live in a secure environment. This environment will let people be poor but not destitute; Unless you want them rioting in the streets. 

We'll look at what standard of living is required to protect the lower half, who by definition must be dependent on the good governance of the upper half.


Fear Globalization or Love Globalization?

Avoiding globalization is like avoiding air: no matter how much you try avoiding either the more foolish you make yourself.

This article is about how to enhance the MacDonald's Principle to produce local variations.


The U.S. produces too much commonaluity with the advent of national franchises. The same food is available in all parts of the country providing you the opportunity to be as boring in South Carolina as in California. 

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