Economic and Social Implementations for the Post Adam Smith World 

- Engineering solutions for positive results on the other side of coming social and economic changes -
by Richard Pearlman

Potential Markets

Factory Floor Worker Flexibility Exercises

Every factory floor working makes money through the use of physical skills. The follow through on this is the use of excersize to enhance and protect these important skills.

Designed to be shown on the monitors of the work floor for no more than 15 minutes just before lunch. Each monitor showing the stretching exercises is not bound to a single show, but rather a useful array of themes, which really does inspire people to keep doing the exercises daily with great enthusiasim. 
Choices might include movements and plan for these themes:

  • golf, tennis, bowling, hunting, baseball, gardening, yoga, and anything else people want

The work to make this happen accomplished already provides the preparation to rapidly produce many exercise segments rapidly. 

This is a monthly/yearly subscription model with extreme potential. If I need to explain further you are probably not in shape or care about staying in shape.



This company is all about the people who:

Race, ride, and restore cars and motorcycles.

Products include customized memories like printed apparel and ceramics.

This company is ready for the correct investor as selling over the web, production, and shipping are in place.

Reaching this demographic is exceptionally easy and, in my opinion, if you owe a bike you probably can afford our products. Advertising places and budget are ready.

Need someone capable of creating a nationwide sales force in all the bike and car clubs among several partners. Business plan is available online.


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Costume Jewelry

New manufacturing methods allow for outrageous designs and inexpensive production.

The Millennium yuppies have plenty of money for jewelry but silver was grnadmother's metal and gold is so expensive.

Artifical gems cost next to nothing and look fabulous.

Complete manufacturing kits ready for building are available.

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Glass products use the natural gas from Penssylvania's fracking fields.

Glass has always been popular - even before the Greeks.

Plenty of current knowledge of glass making

Complete installations ready for building.

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