Economic and Social Implementations for the Post Adam Smith World 

- Engineering solutions for positive results on the other side of coming social and economic changes -
by Richard Pearlman

Open Letter to Bill France Jr.

Dear Mr. France:

At this time the 46th lap of Daytona 500 concludes, amazingly with only 2 cautions. To those of you who are not familiar with NASCAR Bill France, Jr. runs NASCAR, a family business.

As we older folks rememember, shop was an important part of our high school careers and, unfortunately, disappearing rapidly. This is not good. I would like to use the prestige of NASCAR to fight this budget tightnening trend as a disaster to the future of America.

Mr. France, please help with the force of NASCAR and its racing teams to force high schools to realize they have a responsibility for hands-on shop classes for the brightest to the autistic kids to experience the importance of knowing how things work and providing a look at how shop influences student choice of careers.

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