Economic and Social Implementations for the Post Adam Smith World 

- Engineering solutions for positive results on the other side of coming social and economic changes -
by Richard Pearlman


Definition of Wealth

Wealth is the amount of consumption for individuals and societies. Money is just a representation of wealth used in transactions.

Wealth can be built through the deferral of consumption. Investment is the actual use of wealth creating something that allows for more transactions. 

See The Theory of Wealth and Time for more details. 

The Theory of Wealth and Time

The Theory of Wealth and Time
by Richard Pearlman Dec 2007 - Original written 1982

Intellectually wealth is a very fluid  yet recoverable resource. Not really: you can only consume in the present.

This theory, originally written in 1982, has held up to actual practice 100% of the time.

You can build and destroy wealth or you can move it around in time.

The concepts of past, present, and future wealth help to take seemingly complex and confusing issues and bring them into clear, understandable images.


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