Rural Voters

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The purpose of this program is converting 20% of Trump voters to Democratic voters by 2024. With positive and strong Democratic Party support this may be possible by 2020.

As a volunteer for the Democrats you are the lifeline of reality to the people who don't have time to learn what is actually happening, maybe through Fox News.

The best way to find out anything is to ask in a way your interviewee understands your honest needs: You are there to help them as part of your job.


The best method of converting voters is through supplying jobs. Manufacturing Villages Project is the perfect vehicle for rural jobs. Click here for

Always remember they are decent people who care about pride and their families. Never be negative, that is just not nice. Don't get into arguments and don't give advice.


You will be asked about the below topics. Here's how to be prepared.

The philosophy that underpins what you need to do