Recommended reading: Marc Levinson's "An Extraordinary Time - The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy" or my title: Why leaders try variations of the same thing and wonder why it fails every time. Link to Barnes and Nobel book store.

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End of our Economic Era

Renormalization of an Economy

Normalization remains the  most normal economic process, always continuous but only rarely establishing stasis. What are the influences starting a new renormalization and what events and activities lead to stasis?

Note: Renormalization is not recalibration. Recalibration involves new activities, such as automation: not so in renormalization. Nevertheless, renormalization is part of recalibration.

Today, end of December 2017, the U.S.A. very much is at a stasis not favorable to the vast majority of the citizens. Yet, changing the economy to allow for a living wage working 40 hours a week, paying for health care, providing for retirement, and rebuilding infrastructure is a major renormaliztion in every aspect of our economic life. Welcome to tomorrow.

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Other Warning Signs

A conglomeration of all kinds of warning signs. Examples would be what movies are they making and why. Population growth, farming, and lots more.