Please visit which discusses the implementation for modern, competitively priced manufacturing in the U.S.A. - Economic and Social Changes for the Rest of Us

Engineering solutions for coming out on the other side of coming social and financial changes

by me, Richard Pearlman

Volunteer and Save America

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Here's a list of want ads:

  • Lawyer- need for general PAC issues and possibly your law office for people to send money
  • Accountant - A PAC requires a treasurer who tracks activity and files forms to the FEC. Even though the treasurer does not have to be an accountant I would prefer an accountant around. Also has to make sure deductions of the donors is done correctly.
  • Social Media - a person who feels social media is an important part of life. Creating a framework channeling contributions through fundrasiers around the country is part of thejob.
  • Artists - need artwork for internet, advertising, and direct mail.
  • Writers - need people with the need to get their ideas out. Blogs are available.
  • Others - please send us your abilities. Everyone welcome from the most conservative to the most liberal

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