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Engineering solutions for coming out on the other side of coming social and financial changes

by me, Richard Pearlman

Our current societal message, the wealthier the wealthy become the more the middle-class benefits, slowly is becoming viewed unfavorably by a democratic society to whom such message has been directed.

What people try to create or find is a meaning of life: A human condition in which they cannot exist in a meaningless state, and even if they do live in a meaningless state they need to pretend they exist in a world of meaning.

Benefit: Ability to live a secure and predictable life for both individuals and families.


What are we recalibrating: Basically capitalism. During any previous economic cycle the wealthy make the game to aquiring wealth at any cost which eventually turns into feudalism. Feudalism defrauds the middle-class of its wealth until democracy overturns the drive to consolidate wealth and the poorest form of utilizing capital. In other words, the wealthy are really bad at investing and maximizing wealth to grow an economy. All the means of making people into peasants needs recalibrating with a renormalization of the flow of wealth.

Why are we recalibrating: to provide for the needs of the middle-class to consume without borrowing. How else are entrepreneurs going to find markets for their new products and services. The middle-class cannot live on endless borrowing; At a certain point the lowered wealth of a middle-class will not sustain an income level to allow for further borrowing which will stop consumption and leave no place for the wealthy to invest. This results in the wealth dissipating with lack of anything to do.

When should we start recalibrating: As we are entering the dusk of the economic cycle started by WWII we should be planning how to make the most of the depreciating wealth. Although with the stock market making constant gains, the wealth is not retrievable, wither by selling or by taking out loans against the "equity". Unfortunately, the wealthy hate planning as the usual result is the increase of taxes on the wealthy; After all, they are the ones with the wealth to use in the planning after they keep trickle-up economics working. The renormalization of the economic distribution does not take place immediately after 75 years of thrusting wealth to fewer and fewer asset holders.

Recalibrating operations and maintenance to do things correctly: The U.S.A is about doing things on the cheap without regard for proper planning or proper maintenance: the most expensive long-term methodology. Many examples of correct running of foreign railroads provides a glimpse to proper operations. Adam Smith makes a major point of having a maintenance budget. I make a major point that things can work correctly 99.999% of the time. How?