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Please visit which discusses the actual pieces needed to for modern, competitively priced manufacturing in the U.S.A. is about the philosophy behind the Manufacturing Village


Recommended reading: Marc Levinson's "An Extraordinary Time - The End of the Postwar Boom and the Return of the Ordinary Economy" or my title: Why leaders try variations of the same thing and wonder why it fails every time. Link to Barnes and Nobel book store.

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If you need a blueprint to build a house,

shouldn't you need a blueprint to build an economy?


PlaceForSols2 examines carefully explains
the underpining philosophies of necesarry aspects of reindustrializing the U.S.A. provides implementable solutions Click here to visit

  • Nothing happens without a crisis; Unfortunately, what I read in the WSJ a crisis is soon available for implementing an industrial plan acceptable, at that point and not before.

  • I apologize not much can be done at this time. In the coming year of 2017 allows more time for myself to pay attention to the multiple and ususally endless concepts necessary for not only implementation, but additionally creating the buy-in for the general society.
  • If you are reading this most likely I have contacted you about being some part of the process in 2017.
  • If you would like to contribute an article or idea, use the Contact menu item where you will find lots of contact forms.
  • My research, almost on a daily basis, shows almost all people I speak with are not happy with the current socity situation, whether for health care, time for their families, education, and almost anything else. I hope to create the proper changes without a crises, the normal way major change is possible. 

    So buy something from us at the donation price to make a donation. We sell really great stuff made in America, much is customized by our fulfillment center in Pennsylvania. And if made overseas I will challenge business owners and entrepreneurs to start domestic production. On many pages I'll discuss the tools for businesses to meet any challenge. Tools are the most important aspect of reality. Just examing and complaining doesn't fix anything so I have included tools for many things, otherwise I'm just another deconstructionist.  Without planning wealth is just wasted. It's an engineering thing.

    Much of the economics I find useful comes From "Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith. Certainly, although written over 200 years ago the observations; Smith was not an economist, just a really good observer and analyst with words of wisdom on many economic and social issues. 

    I am not a deconstructionist except to look for unerlying philosophies. I dislike liberals as much as conservatives and I'll examine why both are not that good at administration. They are, though, members of our society to behelped as much as anyone else.

    Things need to change and this is the why, what, and how to make life better for poor, middle-class, and even the very wealthy.

    You won't see any of the begging and other scare fundraising here. No reason to do so when you have positive solutions and the tools to achieve the solutions.

    Please wear or use the things you choose for your donation amount: it's part of the solution. Think about it, a comfortable sweatshirt is a way to make things better. What a deal!