Overview - Economics - Consumption

Consumption: Another interesting point the wealthy do not want the middle-class to understand. The wealthy want the middle-class to believe Reganomics, the theory yachts rise with the tide of government money. The entire issue of economic equality is really not simple due to who should get what, let alone why. And then, what are the minimums for living, should we have a life based on debt, and how does feudal thinking enter into the equation? Actually, if every life were a perfect consumer life, some of the theories I hear might actually work, but not in any real world I know. 

Seeing as this is an overview, and not a Ph.D. thesis, I'll try and discuss some of the important issues to each wealth segment. Obviously there will be more, mostly to obscure everything to someone's advantage.

Just to define consumption is difficult: How much wasted investment should be considered consumption, what resources being even assessed properly.